Our inspection activities cover a variety of product sectors, from industrial to agri-food, and can be prepared on the initiative of the producer himself, the customer, the user, or other parties, including the authorities. Through the inspection it is possible to photograph the compliance status of a specific project, product, service, plant or process at a precise moment.

Carried out according to the parameters of quantity, quality, independence, impartiality and confidentiality, inspections can generally cover all life stages of products, services or systems, including that of design. Our experienced inspectors can help you ensure your products conform to agreed contractual standards between the parties.

Types of inspection

Galileo Inspectorate provides a wide range of customized inspection services according to your requirements and to predetermined specifications.
Our activities include:

Pre-production Inspections

A Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) is performed prior the start of the mass production process, anticipating and preventing possible critical issues due, for example, to the use of poor materials and is required in order to prevent any production defects. Our qualified inspectors will carefully conduct the inspection on the basis of the technical specifications provided by the Customer, verifying by random selection of samples that the raw materials, components and semi-finished products comply with established requirements and are available in sufficient quantities to meet the production schedule. Galileo Inspectorate will communicate the results of the inspection in real time in order to allow the Customer to have the necessary corrective actions taken in case of non-compliance.

During Production Inspections

An Inspection During Production (PPE) is required for particularly complex orders. During production, the products are inspected to verify the compliabìnce with the requirements and specifications originally established. Completed batches will be randomly selected for sampling. This type of inspection will help you to verify that your initial specifications are followed and to identify any problems in the production process in order to provide the Customer with elements and time required for the resolution.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

A pre-shipment inspection (PSI) is generally required to verify the characteristics of the products before they are loaded and shipped, to ensure their compliance with contractual or regulatory requirements. After the inspection, if required, a Certificate is issued certifying the conformity of the shipment based on the results of the inspection. Our inspection process is reliable because it is designed to achieve objective results and is carried out according to the principles of impartiality, independence, integrity and transparency. Before proceeding with the inspection, we define together with our Customers what are the elements to be inspected and which will be included in the report. We determine in advance with our Customers whether specific test will be necessary or whether visual checks will be sufficient, offering an exclusive and tailor-made service. Our main objective is to protect your business interests by minimizing risks by helping you meet quality standards, technical specifications and contractual requirements.

Container Loading Inspections (LS)

Galileo Inspectorate, as a third party inspection body, provides support to the Customer, supervising the products even during the loading and unloading phases. In addition to compliance with quantitative and regulatory requirements, supervision of loading and unloading operations is an important help to ensure the compliance of the shipment. Using our network of qualified and experienced Inspectors, strategically located, we control your products during the stages of goods handling, ensuring an reliable and high quality service, minimizing the risk of damage to the products during the load and unload process.

Inspections of products for specifically regulated markets

Under national product protection and promotion policies, some countries have introduced specific mandatory rules and provisions to regulate the flow of imports from other countries. Companies that want to export to certain markets often have to follow complex procedures and specific requirements that can make the export process tortuous. Galileo Inspectorate supports its Customers by helping them to deal with increasingly complex regulations that require strict application and specific preparation. Contact us for more information and clarifications. We will evaluate together the most suitable solution for your needs.