The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have increased the average value of their exports over the years, consolidating an international positioning characterized by high levels of safety and quality standards, backed by a long industrial tradition.

In the context of international trade, customers are seeking guarantees on the conformity of ordered goods, suppliers are demanding certainty on payments and governments intend to safeguard national interests from fraud or shipments of unfit goods.

Inspections are a key tool if you want to prevent risks at destination.

Our offering

Our expert inspectors, strategically located near the most important production centers, verifies that your products, processes or services comply with the defined specifications and standards.

We help you ensure that the quantity, specifications, sizes, materials and visual appearance of your product comply with your order. We also check that the packaging, labelling, instructions and documentation comply with mandatory standards and that your supplier operates according to contractual requirements. We can carry out inspections that confirm the quality of your product: Galileo Inspectorate works with a reliable network of internationally recognized accredited laboratories and can provide you with reports and certificates based on the results of the tests carried out.

After the inspection activity, Galileo Inspectorate may issue an inspection certificate, often requested by many importing countries, in which the results obtained during the verification carried out will be defined.

How we work

The Customer sends us his request for inspection, attaching the necessary documentation depending on the country to which the products are directed.

​We check the documentation provided by the Customer and verify that it complies with the required requirements.

Our qualified surveyor carry out the inspection with the highest degree of professional integrity and technical competence.

After the inspection activity, if required we will issue an Inspection Certificate including the results of the inspection.