The inspection of waste paper and cardboard is a useful tool to verify the quality of the material examined. Compliance with predefined standards ensures the reduction of waste, directly affecting the quality of the finished product. Moreover, being a good commercialized all over the world, many Countries demand monitoring to ensure the correspondence to the contractual requirements of the imported material.

Our sampling and control activities aim to verify the measurement of non-paper components and the composition of the product according to the requirements of UNI/EN 643. This European standard classifies 95 different types of paper to be recycled commonly marketed. For each of them, the standard identifies the composition and maximum tolerance limits of non-paper components and undesirable materials, as well as prohibited materials that must never be present in waste for recycling.

Whether the products are intended for the internal market or export, Galileo Inspectorate, as an accredited body UNI/EN 17020, verify that the product complies with defined specifications and is free of impurities that can damage the recycling process.

Our offering

Galileo Inspectorate, with its network of qualified and constantly trained inspectors, perform inspections on waste paper and cardboard verifying weight, load, grade, quality, humidity and packing conditions to ensure that there are no unwanted and/or prohibited materials such as wood, plastic, sand, fabrics, metal, etc.. We perform sampling and analysis on loads subject to verification, identifying the different product fractions to define the quality of the material examined.

We agree with the customer on the type of procedure to be performed and each inspection is accompanied by an analysis report and a detailed photographic report. Our inspection services include:

  Verification of the quality of the product

  Verification of the quantity of the product

  Moisture measurement

 Load supervision