With the current increasing of the globalization, many countries require specific Certificates as a guarantee that all the ordered products are aligned to the originally agreed specifications.

After the Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) Galileo Inspectorate can issue the Certificates required by the Custom ensuring that the shipment is compliant to the local and international regulations.

The PSI is a report/photograph of the condition of the inspected items at the moment of the inspection and it is carried out following specific or general requirements required by the parties. The PSI is necessary to issue the Certificate.

The Certificate is valid until the customs clearance and it doesn't guarantee that the same result could be obtained in a second moment after the inspection was carried out.

How to get an Inspection Certificate


The Customer sends us his request for inspection, attaching the necessary documentation depending on the country to which the products are directed.


​We check the documentation provided by the Customer and verify that it complies with the required requirements.


Our qualified surveyor carry out the inspection with the highest degree of professional integrity and technical competence.


After the inspection activity, if required we will issue an Inspection Certificate including the results of the inspection.