The agri-food industry is one of the driving sectors for the economy of our country and is characterized by a wide and diversified production chain.

Integrity, safety, traceability and sustainability are the key principles, so close monitoring can be an important aid for companies.

Our inspection services are designed to reduce risk exposure at every step, ensuring both contractual compliance and increased transparency.

Our offering

Galileo Inspectorate offers a wide range of services, visual inspections, sampling, qualitative and quantitative verification in all stages of shipment, from preparation to delivery, of batches of agricultural products, foodstuffs and derivatives.

We are accredited to inspect a wide range of products, such as wheat, cereals, rice, coffee, cocoa, grains or processed, milk and its products, dried and preserved fruit, oils and fats, pastes, fruit juices, natural, mineral and carbonated water.

Our inspections allow you to monitor the quality of your products so that they comply with legal requirements and predetermined specifications. With our team of experts, supported by a global network of internationally recognized accredited laboratories, we are ready to respond quickly to your every request.

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The products we inspect

Galileo Inspectorate is accredited UNI/EN 17020 to perform inspections on a wide range of products, including:

Wheat, corn, rice, barley, sorghum
Lentils, peas, beans
Coffee, cocoa, beans or processed, in bulk or in bags
Milk and milk products
Dried and preserved fruit
Oils and fats
Sugar confectionery, chocolates and food products containing cocoa
Pasta and food preparations based on cereals
Bread and pastry products
Fruit juices, natural and mineral water and carbonated water